Quality Payment Scheme data review point contractor FAQs.

You will be aware that the portal for the Quality Payment Scheme is currently open, and will remain open until 12th May 2017: however the review point was Friday, 28th April and the responses you give should be as applicable on that date. You can access the portal and make declarations of compliance at https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=149147604291

Please note that you do not need to submit any evidence with these declarations, however NHS England will be monitoring declarations as for any other part of the contract and they may request evidence to support declarations in due course.

In addition to declarations of compliance with Gateway and QPS criteria the survey includes some evaluation questions. These are not mandatory and the answers will not affect your payments in any way, they are there to evaluate the impact of QPS.

Gateway criteria:

Advanced services. You only need to be offering one service from Medicines Use Review or New Medicines Service, or have registered an interest in providing the NUMSAS. Although the portal allows you to tick more than one service there is no additional payment or other advantage in doing so.

Locally work is underway to implement NUMSAS during April.

NHS Choices entry

You need to have logged onto your NHS choices page and confirmed or updated opening hours, facilities and services, link is at http://www.nhs.uk/aboutNHSChoices/professionals/Documents/pharmacy-profile-editing-guide.pdf

We are aware that some contractors have had difficulties accessing this, and are working through the NHS Choices helpdesk. If this applies to your pharmacy we recommend that you additionally send all the information regarding hours, services etc, plus a brief explanatory note and your OCS code to nhschoicesservicedesk@nhs.net and keep a copy.

NHSMail account

If you are ticking the box that an application was made for an account by 1st February  you do not need to send supporting evidence, NHS England will be able to get this information from NHS Digital.

Electronic prescription service

This is a straightforward yes or no, again NHS England will be able to confirm with NHS Digital.

Quality Criteria

We have had lots of queries about patient safety-written safety report criteria and healthy living pharmacy criteria. These, along with the requirement to publish the CPPQ (community pharmacy patient questionnaire) are only eligible for payment at one review point, there is no advantage to declaring these in April, and no disadvantage to declaring these in November. We have taken the view that priority should be given to those criteria with two review dates (ie April and November) in the first half of the year, and will be doing more focussed work on the criteria with one review date over the summer, in time for November. If you already meet these criteria by all means tick yes, but otherwise there will be no penalty or disadvantage in declaring that the pharmacy does not meet this criteria at this review point.

Patient safety-safeguarding

80% of registered staff includes all pharmacists (including locums) and registered technicians who are working at the pharmacy on Friday 28th April. They must have completed Level 2 safeguarding training within the last two years, and although evidence does not need to be submitted at the time of the declaration it may be requested to support claims. This might also be a good time to check if any of your staff have safeguarding training that will “expire” between April and November, and plan accordingly.

Digital- summary care record access

Evidence will be available from NHS digital to support declarations. Please note that we no longer have a dedicated SCR roll-out team, any queries with smartcards should be referred to 01268 243731, any other queries to scrpharmacy@nhs.net but please bear in mind this is back to the national team and may not be as responsive as we have become used to!

Digital- NHS111 directory of services

If you have not done so already please check your entry and either declare that it is correct or notify any changes at https://www.england.nhs.uk/commissioning/primary-care-comm/pharmacy/framework-1618/pqp/

Retain the confirmation email that you have done this as evidence.

Clinical- asthma

If you have identified and referred asthma patients who have had 6 short-acting bronchodilator inhalers dispensed in a 6 month period without a steroid inhaler this is a straightforward declaration.

If you have not had any patients that meet the criteria you can still say yes, provided you can demonstrate you have a process in place to look for these patients.

Workforce-dementia friends

Again this is a straightforward declaration at this time, although evidence may be requested to confirm the declaration at a later stage.